Mornington Peninsula Horse Riding

Choose from a range of incredibly popular Mornington Peninsula horse riding experiences below that have long been one of our best-selling experiences in Victoria! Hop on horseback and head out into the wonderful scenery of the Mornington Peninsula within an easy drive of Melbourne for an exhilarating horse riding experience through a variety of beautiful and scenic locations; along some of the region's loveliest beaches, through lush forests, bush and rainforest, past popular walking destinations and more! Not only for adults - bring the kids along as well!

These Mornington Peninsula horse riding experiences cater to a range of different skill and difficulty levels while also providing a choice of scenery - and can even be combined with one of Mornington's other iconic attractions (the Peninsula Hot Springs) that make for a great way to sooth any horse riding aches afterwards! No experience is necessary and first-timers are more than welcome, with a variety of rides that range from a slow trot to a more speedy canter depending on your skill and confidence levels. Simply choose from the list of available horse riding experiences below and prepare for a day in the saddle that you'll remember for a long time in this picturesque part of Victoria.